Are you waiting a long time for hot water to arrive at the kitchen sink?

When your central hot water system is situated a long way from the kitchen sink it may take a long time for the cold water to be pushed through the pipework before hot water arrives. Commonly this cold water runs straight down the drain wasting water. In addition, once hot water has arrived at the sink and you turn the tap off the hot water left in the pipework will eventually cool down, essentially wasting the energy that was used to heat it up.

The solution is the SNU open vented, single point of use, compact storage water heater. Designed to service one kitchen sink the SNU is installed directly underneath the sink, and uses a specialised open vented sink mixer. There are four suitable open vented sink mixers available to suit the SNU and the sink mixer connects directly to the water heater so you only have 50cm of hose to push through cold water before hot water arrives.

The SNU is available in either a 5 litre or 10 litre capacities and can deliver hot water up to 85 Degrees Celsius. The system is fitted directly underneath the sink and just requires a cold water feed and standard 10 Amp 240 power point to operate.

For more information contact STIEBEL ELTRON on 1800 153 351 or your local plumbing store.

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