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  • >   Quick and efficient to heat up
  • >   Choose from a series of programs and modes
  • >   Mats are available in two distinct styles
  • >   Helps prevent mould by drying quickly
  • >   Mats are available in a number of sizes

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Under Floor Heating Introduction

Greater comfort with luxurious European underfloor heating.
Stiebel Eltron pride itself on delivering products that improve the comfort in our customer’s homes. The range of heating under floor mats from Stiebel Eltron is designed to deliver greater comfort and a luxurious experience – they provide comfortable warmth under foot quickly and efficiently. The programmable controller automatically adjusts to ensure that the floors are at the temperature you set at the time you want. The controller is easy to use, simply set and forget. The controller also has a series of day programs, party and holiday modes to allow for greater flexibility.
The mats are available in two styles – the first is designed for under tile installation (the under floor heating system) and the second type is the in-shower under tile heating mat, which is designed for installation in showers. Mould can be a common problem in bathrooms, especially in the shower where there is often water left in the base. The in-shower underfloor heating mat can help to prevent mould through heating the shower base and drying the area quickly.
The mats are available in a number of sizes to suit a variety of room sizes or shower sizes. To find out more about the right size mat or how to correctly size under tile floor heating in Australia call our customer service team on 1800 153 351.